Defining Nothingness In A Nothing Box

“Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” – Proverbs 3:6

Doing my research for my graduate study led me to a whole lot of other things like in particular, Participatory Methods, which then led me to more possibilities that tapped my interests and a wide range of advocacy I support. Similar to a kid who discovered something interesting and had that hunger to look for more, I found myself having so much in my plate. The things I have discovered were all helpful in so many ways and I have so many uses for them. But they were far too many that the next thing I knew, I found myself overwhelmingly asking: “Father God, what do I do now?”  *wink*


Now this is the complete example of what I stated in my previous article that “too much is detrimental.”  It really is. In this case, it was information overload as I wasn’t only processing what I was reading but I was also thinking how and where can I use it – multitasking. My head just felt like it is about to explode. In fact, I had a slight headache afterwards. I looked at my husband lying comfortably and peacefully in our couch after a tiring day at work playing a game in his phone. I kind of envied him actually.

I asked,

“Honey, men have a nothing box, right? Can you teach me how to have that nothing box?”

He stared at me blankly for a moment, smiled, then resumed to what he was doing.

Me? I stared at him blankly too. No words, no explanation, just nothing. Ah, so I got it. That is exactly what a nothing box is! lol

Unfortunately my mind is not wired that way – my female brain. After I saw his reaction, my brain cells went ziiiiit, zaaap, ziinnnng and in a split second I formulated the following questions in my head:

“Did he hear me right?”

“Was his answer really a silence?”

“What do silence and a smile mean?”

“Should I ask him again?”

Oh why, oh why can’t females have the nothingness of a nothing box too? *wink*

Looks like I might need to watch this video again by Mark Gungor from his marriage seminar entitled “Tale of Two Brains.” 🙂

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