Perfectly Roasted To Goodness: Coffee Tonya Roaster

*This is not a sponsored post, just sharing.


Coffee in bed, literally. *wink* 😉

Yes, I woke up to the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans from yesterday’s coffee adventure with my hubby around our neighborhood, thus, the photos and the feature. The scent of roasted coffee beans lingered in the four corners of our apartment since yesterday. No wonder I couldn’t blame coffee lovers for being this addicted to coffee.



Near our place there’s a Japanese coffee store where they sell anything and everything coffee-related from roasted coffee, coffee in bags, teacups, tumblers, coffee maker, etc. Every time we pass by, I am always reminded of my hubby’s Mom who’s a coffee lover. We always pass up the opportunity to drop by though because we’re always on an errand and need to hurry except yesterday. I am no coffee addict but the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans is just irresistibly enticing.  We’re giving it to my Mom-in-law when we visit her today and hoping she likes it. 🙂

They gave us two free iced coffee drinks too, by the way. I asked hubby to try it alone but he said we’ll try it when we get home – we were loaded with stuff from that day’s errands. When we got home I had a couple of sips and was surprised that it actually tasted so good. One thing more, they gave us 4 sachets of coffee bags for free. Thanks, Coffee Tonya. We only went there to buy coffee for his Mom and ended up going home with lots of freebies. God is good, ain’t He? *wink*


Hubby and I bought 100g of Brazil Bourbon which, according to one of the store clerks, has a little bit of chocolate and sweet flavors. She recommends this one to those opting for coffee with a milder taste. Of course, we couldn’t pass up Coffee Tonya‘s very own special coffee in bags too.

Upon selecting your preferred coffee beans from their quite enormous selection of different varieties of coffee beans, they’ll roast it right away (5 minutes waiting time) but should be consumed 90 days after roasting. You may also request how fine or how rough you’d like them to grind your coffee beans and the degrees before they roast them. They also have a cafe where you, your friends and families can cozily lounge around.

But wait, there’s more because we happened to chance upon their 50% discount promo on selected products. We bought the Brazil Bourbon for 280php/100g originally offered for 560php/100g and the Coffee Tonya special coffee bags (7 pcs. per pack) for 170php.

I am no coffee lover but if I’ll become one after this coffee experience, I might say you’d better try it too. 🙂

You can visit their shop located at 1331 Angono Street (Across Makati City Hall), Makati City and check out their website and Facebook page to know more about their products and the cafe:


The reason why I am not a coffee lover is because I am a nocturnal person and too much caffeine, even if it’s just a cup, will make me sleepless for the entire night. But I can take it in smaller quantities though, it won’t affect my sleeping pattern. That’s one trivia you got there about me. 😀

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