Tin Ginete

Thank You

I would like to dedicate this page in thanking the people who have made learning far interesting for me:

To my family, first and foremost, with whom I got to learn the first necessities in living the human life.

To my grade school and high school teachers who were responsible for ending my “tabula rasa” stage and supplemented my young brain with the foundations of learning.

To my college and graduate study professors whose lives exemplify not just those of what a teacher should be but whose core values and philosophies in life they have imparted on us other than what they teach from the books.

To our Pastors and guest speakers in Victory Christian Fellowship  who taught the philosophy that not every lesson in life can be learned in books but faith and Christianity have a lot to do with it as well.

To my friends who taught me all about social learning even just over chit chats, short or long they may be.

To random people I meet on the streets, inside public transportation vehicles, in the malls, market, everywhere, who made an impact on how I think now merely by stating an opinion or sharing a little portion of their lives in our brief encounter.

To my social media friends who have contributed a lot when it comes to new ideas which are at par with our modern technology through their own stories that they share.

And last but not the least, to our God who supplies me MOST of what and how I learn today in every single day. To Him be the Glory and my utmost gratitude. 🙂 


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