Roasted Chicken A la Bicolana

I was supposed to write this article last December but the holiday rush, preparation and celebration with the family kept me from doing so.

This article though came in timely as my previous articles for this month were all about gifts (not your usual gift in a box with a ribbon) and the value of serving others through your gifts. I actually didn’t expect that last Sunday’s lecture will also be about that. Ah yes, it always is a wonder how things can be intertwined all because of God’s mysterious ways. 🙂

What is serving and how can we serve in a biblical sense?

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.” – Mark 10:45

“…and whoever wants to be first must be your slave—just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many.” – Matthew 20:27-28

And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’ – Matthew 25:40

I believe one way of honoring God and showing our thanks to Him is by sharing that love to others too. Let’s just say that you felt how much God loves you and it is just too wonderful to keep it to yourself that’s why you wanted to let others know and feel that kind of love as well.

In doing so, they might wonder what is it that’s been fueling your actions and though they might not understand it at first, this can be your perfect response – out of love.

“We love because He first loved us.” – 1 John 4:19

In the aspect of serving, we do find ourselves doing that knowingly or unknowingly with our families first and foremost. So last Christmas, I thought about preparing this roasted chicken recipe which was the first in the family’s Christmas celebration tradition.

Do take note though that I am no chef. lol 😀

I was just inspired and taught by my 3 older sisters who are very good in the kitchen and have such superb cooking skills they can invent their own recipe. Yup, no kidding. They really are that good.

Being the youngest, I grew up being the dishwasher. Haha Yes, you won’t believe it but my brother and I take turns in washing the dishes when we were younger. We are the two youngest members in the family, by the way.

On a side note, I just love being in a big family. You might not get to see or talk to all of them at the same time, yet you’ll still have one sibling to bug about every week aside from your parents. 😀

Anyway, as for my roasted chicken recipe, let’s just say I combined all the roasted chicken recipes I could find over the internet and came up with a “hybrid” roasted chicken. 😉

Roasted Chicken

Roasted Chicken A la Bicolana

Here’s the recipe:


1 whole chicken

1 bunch of lemongrass

1 cup butter

½ cup tomato ketchup

1 cup soy sauce

2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce

3 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons salt

5 cloves whole garlic

2 teaspoons slightly crushed black pepper

4 onions cut into 4 parts


  1. Combine all the ingredients except for butter.
  2. Place the onions, garlic and lemongrass inside the chicken and marinate overnight.
  3. Prepare the butter and remaining marinade for basting.
  4. Preheat your oven to 400 degrees Farenheit and cook for about 1 hour or until the chicken is tender.
  5. Top it with garnishing, serve and enjoy!

I intend to make this a yearly tradition – out of love for God, love for family and joy in serving others. 🙂


Oh and one mistake from the roasted chicken recipe – don’t prepare 1 roasted chicken ONLY especially when there are about 8 persons hoping to try it. lol 

I was expecting it to be served as an additional dish along with other meals but it became the main course – ooopps, my mistake. So yes, Mom wasn’t able to try it as she ate late and sadly, no roasted chicken leftover. I have this year to make up for it though. 😀

One thing more, the turbo broiler is a kitchen winner for me, nothing beats. ❤

Turbo Broiler

Turbo Broiler Moment



All The Way To Tagaytay

Another long overdue article here. 😀

I did mention in my previous articles I have quite a pile of article drafts for editing and publishing and I am in a rush to publish them all (hopefully) while I am in a period of waiting and time is still on my side.

The summer escapade for me and hubby along with his family for this year was in the cool breeze of Tagaytay. We just had to take advantage of the summer season before the rainy days start to fill the last quarters of our calendar. It was a short holiday break thus the rest of the family members were all free to have this short family time and get-together.

It always is a privilege to spend some quality time with the family despite the busy schedules and varying demands of priorities in life – something that is far too precious to waste. My parents are in Bicol which is a 17-hour land travel to get directly to our hometown. Now that is something that I don’t have the privilege to do. Going to my hometown meant allotting 1 day for travel time then another day to rest which, after doing the Math, requires at least a week if you want to make the most and the best out of your family get-together. Simply put, visiting my family in Bicol is synonymous to careful planning ahead of the scheduled visit.

But well, this is the part where I need to thank God for technology. Skype made the term “homesickness” just a term. Again, family time meant quality time and this requires we set aside time for this despite the busy schedules. If most of us have the same free time, my family and I are able to Skype with one another once a week. And Skype-ing in the family means this – the minimum talking time is 4 hours starting at around 9 or 10pm.

Wuhaaat?!?! 😀

Yep, you can already hear the rooster crowing and we’re still on our “high” conversing with one another. Well, that’s for us, women in the family. For the men, 2 hours is the maximum and they bid their “goodbyes” in the middle of our conversation. The ever popular difference of men and women, eh? 😀

Anyway, going back to the Tagaytay escapade, we tried the Pamana restaurant with its awesome overlooking view of the Taal Lake and the food was superb too. I only captured shots of some dishes though, the long trip sure made us all pretty hungry.

I also loved the interiors which exude the ambiance of an old Hispanic house. Indeed, the concept of the restaurant matched with its name “Pamana,” a Tagalog term for heirloom/inheritance.


Captivating, isn’t it?


We also scouted for anything new in the area which includes this food park called “StrEat.” We didn’t get to try the food stalls though as it’s flocked with a huge crowd when we got there. The next day, there was no plan where we will have our summer escapade. We’ve been traveling without a destination actually and we came to that point of giving up and just head back home because all the resorts we’ve inquired were fully booked. Well, it’s summer so we kind of expected that.

When we were on the verge of turning back, voila, God gave us one resort that’s not so jam packed with visitors but the place was nice (and budget friendly) enough to bond with the family. Hotel Monticello was indeed “heaven sent”  hubby and I actually thought it’d be perfect for a wedding reception too. We couldn’t spend overnight though as we’re only geared up for a day tour. When we arrived, we had all the pool to ourselves which means this – LOTS OF SELFIES! Hahaha 😀

Nope, don’t get me wrong, I seldom take selfies. You can actually check my Instagram account for that. I just choose moments best for selfies and those moments that are not. And I only take selfies when nobody’s around, not even my hubby. 😀

Hotel Monticello

Selfie moment. My ever seldom selfie moment. 


But really, when it comes to moments, there are just those that a camera snap isn’t enough to capture them all. I guess that’s the reason why God created our memories, an infinite storage at the back of our heads where every single memory is captured and safely stored.

So this one article is up in the memory of my head, but in case I have amnesia days or years from now, I have WordPress to retell and rewind them for me. Ah yes, the joys and perks of blogging – your online journal indeed. 🙂


WordPress, please don’t ever shut down. Like, EVER. 😀

Oh and check out this amusing video of my hubby and sister-in-law. Reminds me of my brother and I – siblings moment, they are. 😉



Perfectly Roasted To Goodness: Coffee Tonya Roaster

*This is not a sponsored post, just sharing.


Coffee in bed, literally. *wink* 😉

Yes, I woke up to the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans from yesterday’s coffee adventure with my hubby around our neighborhood, thus, the photos and the feature. The scent of roasted coffee beans lingered in the four corners of our apartment since yesterday. No wonder I couldn’t blame coffee lovers for being this addicted to coffee.



Near our place there’s a Japanese coffee store where they sell anything and everything coffee-related from roasted coffee, coffee in bags, teacups, tumblers, coffee maker, etc. Every time we pass by, I am always reminded of my hubby’s Mom who’s a coffee lover. We always pass up the opportunity to drop by though because we’re always on an errand and need to hurry except yesterday. I am no coffee addict but the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans is just irresistibly enticing.  We’re giving it to my Mom-in-law when we visit her today and hoping she likes it. 🙂

They gave us two free iced coffee drinks too, by the way. I asked hubby to try it alone but he said we’ll try it when we get home – we were loaded with stuff from that day’s errands. When we got home I had a couple of sips and was surprised that it actually tasted so good. One thing more, they gave us 4 sachets of coffee bags for free. Thanks, Coffee Tonya. We only went there to buy coffee for his Mom and ended up going home with lots of freebies. God is good, ain’t He? *wink*


Hubby and I bought 100g of Brazil Bourbon which, according to one of the store clerks, has a little bit of chocolate and sweet flavors. She recommends this one to those opting for coffee with a milder taste. Of course, we couldn’t pass up Coffee Tonya‘s very own special coffee in bags too.

Upon selecting your preferred coffee beans from their quite enormous selection of different varieties of coffee beans, they’ll roast it right away (5 minutes waiting time) but should be consumed 90 days after roasting. You may also request how fine or how rough you’d like them to grind your coffee beans and the degrees before they roast them. They also have a cafe where you, your friends and families can cozily lounge around.

But wait, there’s more because we happened to chance upon their 50% discount promo on selected products. We bought the Brazil Bourbon for 280php/100g originally offered for 560php/100g and the Coffee Tonya special coffee bags (7 pcs. per pack) for 170php.

I am no coffee lover but if I’ll become one after this coffee experience, I might say you’d better try it too. 🙂

You can visit their shop located at 1331 Angono Street (Across Makati City Hall), Makati City and check out their website and Facebook page to know more about their products and the cafe:


The reason why I am not a coffee lover is because I am a nocturnal person and too much caffeine, even if it’s just a cup, will make me sleepless for the entire night. But I can take it in smaller quantities though, it won’t affect my sleeping pattern. That’s one trivia you got there about me. 😀

Holiday Gift Ideas: Shop Early!

Hello, lovely readers! 

Bells are ringing, children are singing.

Oh wait, did I hear that Christmas is coming?

BER months are indeed fast approaching. 

Now, what are we buying?

Buying for gifts, you’re asking.

Never worry about anything because here is a little something. 

So there went my futile attempt to be a poet.  😀

Seriously though, holidays meant a lot of things but it is synonymous to this word as well – rush. Everything is in a rush. How do we avoid this so-called “rush” ? The answer is this – prepare and shop early.

Buying Christmas presents in advance and scratching them off your long list is such a life saver. I usually do this often during the holidays.

But first, who are our recipients of these awesome gifts? On top of the list is our families of course, followed by relatives, friends and coworkers or bless someone randomly.

Then again, another dilemma is this question – “What will I buy for each of them?”  

Honestly, thinking about choosing the right holiday gift ideas can be cumbersome and overwhelming. But allow me to make choosing a lot easier for the lady recipient: How about a tote bag?

Very simple, eh? BUT this isn’t your ordinary tote bag. These are custom-made from photographs of anything and everything by yours truly. I love to share so I am sharing these for you to have for keeps. No art is ever called art without the artist’s individuality showcased in it, as they say. These printed tote bags carry each in itself a particular story – a memory so to speak. So, I am sharing to you a bit of my life’s journey in each item. Do bring me along in your journeys too – wherever they may be and whatever it may be. 😉

This one tote bag for example illustrates a photo during our first summer vacation as a couple in Zambales, Philippines. If you were enamored by the pristine waters and pure, white sand, you can actually plan a trip and head on over there to see the beauty for real. You don’t just have a photo as memorabilia, but also a bag which will remind you always of the beauty of the place for as long as you often use it.



Another in the memory lane is this precious red rose (which I preserved for sentimental reasons) symbolizing an everlasting love – the first I received when hubby and I were still dating. Thought about editing it to make it look more rustic and not look like your typical red rose because it’s a special one for a special you.



These are also some of the bags featured in this recently created collection which is a variety of different kinds of themes and concepts from black and whites to macros and landscapes:

If you want to browse for more tote bag designs, you can check out more of the collection in this website:

Oh, and if bags aren’t that alluring, the other collection I am starting might capture your interest like these awesome sleeveless tops:



Happy shopping and wishing you all a VERY advance happy holidays! 😉


I’d like to thank VIDA for this one great and wonderful opportunity and most of all to God for bringing in people to share what they can share and help the community. This is also in support of the Literacy Programs that VIDA offers to their makers to learn to read, write and do basic Math skills.

Stay tuned for more upcoming designs, my dear readers. Let’s continue sharing our God-given blessings and bless others too! ❤

Much love,


Expressing The Bicolana In Me: BICOL EXPRESS

It’s been quite a while since I last posted about food (I love food but I hate gluttony thus striking the balance)  and I bet it is time I post one of my recipes. Not exactly my recipe as this is a traditional dish from my hometown in the Bicol region. Thus, where the name Bicol Express was derived.

You will commonly see this dish served during meal time in our home in Bicol. My Mom and Dad always make this as a side dish which perfectly partners with any viand. There are now a lot of variations of this recipe including the one with coconut milk which contains more meat and less green chilies.

I grew up getting used to this dish prepared and cooked having only 3 main ingredients: lots of green chilies, fresh shrimp paste, and pork meat. It’s also very easy to prepare as you’d only need to saute the pork meat along with garlic, add the fresh shrimp paste until cooked and lastly, put in the green chilies. Then wait until the aroma of the chilies come out and it’s ready to be served.

To give you a background on my cooking experience, it was only when I was 20 years old that I started learning how to cook. I am the youngest among 5 siblings and I have 3 older sisters who are amazing in the kitchen – I ended up being the dishwasher and the kitchen assistant (prep the ingredients). lol

My sisters though knew I needed to learn sooner or later as time will come we’ll all go our separate ways one by one and I need to hone my cooking skills to be able to live and survive independently.

They’ve been such great teachers who raised me to who I am now in behalf of my Mom as she and Dad stayed in our hometown in Bicol starting when I turned 16 and came here in Manila to study in college. The cooking skills I’ve acquired from them proved to be of great help now that I am married – got to please my hubby’s tummy. *wink*

It is, therefore, with such gratitude that I give back to God for blessing me with awesome siblings and to my sisters for teaching me the art of cooking and with everything else.

Bon appetit! 

Tin Ginete-Rome

Bicol Express

Basic GMRC

I was inspired to write this blog post after reading Pastor Joey’s article entitled “Hardwired for Values.” And I am staying in tune for his next article explaining more about the importance of values.

For now I’d like to share how reading the article made me do a self check with the kind of values I uphold to – my basic GMRC (good moral values and right conduct) so to speak. I can say that 80% of them will be coming from the set of values that me and my siblings were brought up with – family background and upbringing. But I should say more of the latter which, I believe, would zero in on my parents’ values as well and their character traits.

I grew up in a family wherein God is acknowledged by praying together before every meal but we do not go to church as a family. It was my parents’ choice and yet I was grateful we were given the chance to exhibit our own free will – my siblings and I can attend services in our mother Protestant church with our grandma and grandpa. We grew up with that setting and I wondered why other kids go to church with the rest of their families.

I was too young to understand back then and when I was born again and got saved now in my late 20s, I still cannot find the answers but I already have a very different regard towards it. Thus, it became one of my constant prayers to the Lord.

When I did my self evaluation of the current values I have and compared them to what was written in the Scripture, I can only be grateful to God and my parents that majority of what I was taught when I was a kid are all in accordance to what the Scripture says to be right, correct and true. Although there are some that the bible says to be inappropriate which is what I have to unlearn.

We were taught that God exists and though I grew up spiritually in an unusual setup, I know now that He was there all along guiding me and my family. It was all part of His bigger plans essential in our spiritual growth and understanding now. The “why” questions are the trap questions that put us in a moment of uncertainty making way for doubts. But sometimes God uses them in a way that it makes us delve deeper towards the Truth – a way for us to be enlightened.

If there is one thing I have realized in my almost 30 years of human existence, it is the fact that we need to accept things the way that they really are. To seek God should be our only objective and the rest is up to Him.

If we were given people that do not have the same values that we do, we cannot change them but God can. We were given these people so God can use us as an instrument, a vessel, in making that change. We have to know too that all of us are being transformed and renewed by God every single day.

Let’s say for example that not being able to put the toothpaste cover back annoys you and you let the person who does that be aware of that. Now that person now knows that the toothpaste cover has to be placed back to how it is before you opened it. If usually you get irritated by it and it easily makes you flare up, now you know that nagging won’t do both of you good either. For this is where God will come in. He will make the other person realize what is right through you – that there is a reason why a toothpaste was designed to have a cover. And God will make you realize too that being gentle and patient always is a game changer and always calls for a positive outcome.

And as the Scripture says:

“Colossians 4:5-6 NLT

Live wisely among those who are not believers, and make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone.”

Now if the change didn’t happen then consider it still a moment of gratitude for either your future children or the other people around you, that may even not be closely related to you, are the ones who will benefit from the good influence and the change. And these people, in turn, will also be pivotal in making others follow the same way.

I guess it is not a matter of who it is in particular that the lives have been changed but how many are being influenced to make that change through the people God has given each of us.

Values are laws unwritten but embedded in our very being. It is only right that we know which values are the good ones to retain and uphold to and which ones are bad and we should dismiss.

The Scripture is the number one source to develop good values and an upright, moral character. I know of no other law that covers all laws by our current judicial system and the non written rules other than those found in the bible. Read the bible everyday and values wise, you can never go wrong. 😉

2 Timothy 3:16-17 NLT

“All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives.

It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right. God uses it to prepare and equip His people to do every good work.”

TRES AMIGOS Boracay: A Mexican Delight

I have to apologize, yes. For this post is long overdue. But it came in timely as it is the start of summer now and beach getaways are on top of the list. 🙂

Tin Ginete

Beach Essentials

Tin Ginete

Pure white sand, the hot sun AND our feet. *wink*

I was supposed to write this over the holidays. But well, the holiday season is just the busiest in our calendars – vacations, getaways, dining out with families and friends. But this article is not about the holiday getaway with my fiance and his family last December 2014 at Boracay Island in Aklan, Philippines. Allow me though to post some photos of our holiday getaway there:

Tin Ginete

Boracay 2014

Tin Ginete

Fairways and Bluewater Resort

Tin Ginete

Infinity pool.

Tin Ginete

ATV fun with the Rome family.

This post will be a food review about one of our favorite type of cuisines – Mexican. We found one at the heart of Boracay inside D’ Mall exactly on our last day – Tres Amigos. Indeed, it was a nice way to cap off our island experience in Boracay.

Tin Ginete

Tres Amigos Boracay

Tin Ginete

Tres Amigos’ Menu

Tin Ginete

Table centerpiece.

My fiance ordered chimichanga while his brother and I ordered beef burrito and quesadilla.

Tres Amigos’ beef burrito is one of their best sellers. And I can tell why. It has that smooth blend of Mexican spices that are not too overpowering and mixes well with the mango salsa. Of course, the perfect aroma of Mexican spices never fail to tease my palate.

Tin Ginete

Beef Burrito

For the chimichanga, it is similar to our beef burritos except that it was fried. When I saw the crisp sides of the dish, my mouth just melted away I just went ahead and indulged myself over a good crispy, crunchy portion.

Tin Ginete


The quesadilla will surely melt your heart away. Every part of it was melted to perfect goodness and the smooth texture of the beef and cheese just complemented well with the overall texture of the pita bread.

Tin Ginete


I forgot to take a photo of the refreshing mango shake, the perfect all-natural fruit drink to pair with the tasty Mexican dishes we had.

So if you are headed towards Boracay this summer, you might want to try Tres Amigos if your appetite is craving for that Mexican delight and yes, at a very affordable price too. Bon appetit! 🙂

Tin Ginete

The Mexican lovers. 😉

SUMO SAM’s Newest

Tin Ginete

Edamane Gyoza

Here’s something that I love to do every now and then – gastronomical adventure. 😉

Check out this article for the newest course offerings of Sumo Sam for year 2015:

“Sumo Sam’s New Picks For The Year: A Fresh Start”

Are your chopsticks ready? I bet they are. 😀

THE BLACKBOARD Sommelier’s Selections

Tin Ginete

Chateau Vrai Caillou

In case you are interested what is the perfect pair for wine, you might want to check out this article:

 “What’s With Wine: Bespoke Wine Tasting and Pairing at The Blackboard”.

Cheers! 🙂

Fearless Fun in Trail Biking

I was scared. At first.

But then again, the adventure seeker in me said, “Try it out, Tin. What are you afraid of?”

Indeed, what am I afraid of? I really don’t know why but let’s just say I grew up overflowing with protection from my family. Yes, to put it lightly and mildly. 😉

I never experienced riding the bike on a highway and just nestled within the comforts of our own front yard. As a kid back then, it never mattered to me. All I’m after was to spend my endless energy biking around back and forth mindless of anything except the freedom of chasing speed, of defying gravity and the joy of balance. I am proud to say I learned how to ride the bike without any scratch. A very careful driver, you say? Yes, I am!

So, maybe that explains why I have this fear of biking outside the precious protection of our yard and into that long, winding lane where the “kings of the road” converge – the busy highway. I am afraid I might get a scratch this time.

Oh, Tin. What kind of reasoning is that. 😀

I know, you’re probably laughing out loud now. But let’s just put it this way, I admit I am afraid of getting hurt – that kind of hurt that is bigger than a scratch. I am more concerned about a broken neck, a protruding bone from a broken leg, or a dislocated shoulder perhaps. I mean, name any form of accident-related injury, it is enough to make me worried sick.

But, but, but….how will I ever experience a higher level of biking experience if I won’t step out of my comfort zone? How can I always let fear interfere with fulfilling my dreams? (This is more difficult to attain.)

So now, the dream came true. I happened to have been given by God a fiance who enjoys communing with nature and has that adventure-seeking attitude as well. That is, seeking adventure in a healthy and sporty way – TRAIL BIKING.

Whoa! Can I start with biking on a highway first before that? He said yes, and so this was how the fun began.

Sweating, panting, breathing heavily, and a thumping heart. That was how my first bike ride on the highway felt. Not bad for my first try, Brian assured me. Well, I was actually the one more worried for him as he would constantly look back to check how I’m doing and he might get hit by a fast-moving vehicle from the other lane. But by God’s grace and protection, the first try was an achievement.

I got a sore butt and aching muscles especially in my arms and legs but I was smiling. Gone is the fear and here is the fun.

Brian saw how much I enjoyed it. So what we did is spend quality time together by biking around their neighborhood with just our slippers, regular T-shirts and shorts. Indeed, practice makes something perfect.

Then the moment came.

He invited me to go biking on the highway of Nuvali in Tagaytay. I said well, that is fine with me. Although I still have this little fear of biking on a highway but not as much during my first attempt. So we loaded the bikes in the car and off we went to our biking venue. When we got there, the weather is just so perfect for biking – a bit chilly and not too sunny.

Pre-Nuvali ride selfie shot with my fiance and my biking partner.

Pre-Nuvali ride selfie shot with my fiance and my biking partner.

We readied the bikes and ourselves (of course) and off we went. But after hitting about a few road stretches, I was getting bored and when Brian caught up with me, he asked, “Hon, I know you are getting bored. Do you want to try going in the trail that me and my fellow trail bikers would usually take during our rides? It is not far from here.”

Highway mode on.

Highway mode on.

I was a bit hesitant because I have seen his trail biking photos and I know it is going to take so much preparation from me either when it comes to biking gear and equipment or even just mentally before going in. But, I cannot let fear interfere again, right?

The answer was, “Yes, let’s try it.” And I trusted him that he knows his craft so well. So we took the diversion off the main road to the trail and oh boy, it was indeed wilderness with bushes along the trail, potholes and zigzag paths with steep slopes that welcomed me.


Before stopping over.

But, here’s the fun part. I found myself laughing while biking. I was riding the bike though with too much precaution that Brian would remind me to just enjoy the ride and just release that tension off the grip. Yes, because I am gripping the bike handles too tight lest I might not be able to hold the brakes when the need arises. LOL

The happy kid in me. *all smiles*

The happy kid in me. *all smiles*

I was feeling every motion of the bike and I can feel myself one with it. It was such a fantastic feeling of having this total control over the bike and be able to maneuver it in such a way that you get through going up and going down every steep slope and keep the bike steady with that every bump and every sharp turn.


Bushes all around, nothing else but lush greens.

Well, I didn’t stumble and I didn’t fall though I almost did but I came out the trail unscathed. We stopped for a couple of times so I could catch my breath as I don’t do gym work outs so definitely I have no cardio exercise which is, by the way, very important before doing any extreme sport such as trail biking. Though we only finished 1/3 of the trail, Brian congratulated me that I made it that far and did it quite well for someone who has no experience whatsoever when it comes to trail biking. Yay! 😀

When we were out on the highway again, I can feel freedom at its best. I was savoring the wind touching my face, the scent of fresh air, the lush greens around me and even the trucks behind me. I can even ride the bike with just one hand! Yes, along the highway. Just imagine how much I have learned, tried, experienced and accomplished by not giving in to fear and saying yes to fun.

Upon exiting the trail saying "peace" to a bumpy but joyful ride. :)

Upon exiting the trail saying “peace” to a bumpy but joyful ride. 🙂

Whew! And it was indeed REALLY FUN. Now I am ALL SET for my next trail biking adventure. Next goal – reach midway of the trail in a faster biking pace. *keeping my fingers crossed*

These are the moments that I thank God for – the right recreation at the right moment with the right people. I am grateful too for my fiance and my biking partner who is such a patient guide and teacher.

Oh and for being an excellent photographer too. 😉